Heat and Air Should Both Be Checked

This past summer, I needed to have AC repair in Brooklyn, and around that time, I thought about getting my heater checked out, but I didn’t. That decision not to do it has come back to haunt me, because my heater stopped working, and I had to get it repaired too. It’s been a while since I’ve had any kind of service done to the heater. Usually I just forget about it, because it’s the one thing that always works, no matter what. I called the same company that took care of my air conditioner to work on the heater.

The problem with the heater is one that no one could have really predicted without taking a close examination of one part. The motor burned out, which commonly happens. A motor will get a lot of use, and eventually it just won’t be able to spin anymore. This doesn’t just happen in heaters, as other devices have suffered from the same problem. I’ve had it happen inside one of my electric razors. Granted, the motor inside one of those is much smaller, but the point is that it can still happen. The repair worker was able to simply put a new motor into the heater and it was fine.

Now when I use my heater, I try not to leave it running for a long time so I can keep the motor lasting longer. I’m willing to put on a little bit more clothing or wrap myself in a blanket if I want to be warm so that I won’t have to turn on the heater. I can even take a hot shower and let all of the heat build up in the room, so that when I get out, I’m not worried about it being cold until I leave the room.